France is the second largest economy in the European Union, the sixth largest exporter of goods and the fourth largest exporter of services. Investment in real estate in France was € 29bn in 2015, a rise of 4% compared to 2014. The 10-year average of € 20bn was easily exceeded. French market has a high level of liquidity with global equity competing against national investors. Below are the reasons why many clients prefer France over other EU countries: France is the second largest economy in the European Union Historically a strong and stable market in which to invest in property and all economic indications show this trend is set to continue Modern, European culture with political and economic stability Long term residential property price growth at a very respectable approx. 10% per annum depending on location. No danger of losing money in a potentially volatile investment climate Net rental yields of around 4-8% Highly popular leaseback schemes offer tax incentives to purchasers, with minimum risk and guaranteed rental income. Ever increasing inward and overseas investment, while American expatriates are now exploiting the high value of the dollar. Relatively low property prices when compared to most northern European countries Capital gains tax on housing recently halved to 16%. You are exempt if you hold your property for more than 15 years.
          One of the most visited countries of the World with a correspondingly strong tourist market Excellent, modern transportation infrastructure and close, easy links with the UK and mainland Europe Easily accessed mortgage facilities, making it relatively easy to raise finance for a French property purchase. Geographical diversity and many natural and cultural attractions, making France so popular as a tourist location. Chic, cosmopolitan atmosphere and culture in the livelier towns such as Paris, Nice and Cannes Beautiful rural towns and villages, also with that unmistakable French charm, that continues to draw visitors and expatriates.

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